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VetED Pay Improve International Australia

Improve International is excited to launch VetEdPay: an easier way to pay for modular programs.

After reviewing delegate feedback, we learned delegates wanted more flexible payment options for our modular programs, including the option to pay in instalments. We have now partnered with a well-established veterinary industry finance provider to bring you VetEdPay.

VetEdPay offers individually tailored payment plans for each of our modular programs — Accelerated Emergency Program, Emergency and Critical Care, Small Animal Medicine, Small Animal Surgery and Small Animal Ultrasonography.

Delegates simply select VetEdPay as the payment option when registering for a program through our website and then immediately complete the VetEdPay application. Once submitted, applications are processed by VetEdPay and you have an answer within 24 hours.

Additionally, VetEdPay offers 6-months interest free on all payment plans, reducing charges and fees.

For more information, please read the VetEdPay FAQ sheet, phone +61 490 555 405 or email

VetED Pay Improve International Australia
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