Dr Geoff Robins BVSc PhD FANZCVSc (Surgery)

Geoff graduated from the Royal Vet College in London in 1969, did residency at University of Guelph and then spent 16 years at the University of Queensland as Senior Surgeon in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. On finishing up at UQ, Geoff went on to spend 10 years at Queensland Veterinary Specialists with Dr Richard Eaton-Wells. When most vets might have been toying with retirement, Geoff moved on and established St Lucia Surgical Services. Here he worked with Veterinary Instrumentation (now Provet VI), giving technical advice to colleagues, including assisting with complex orthopaedic procedures. This has lead to a full time occupation, on the road travelling and operating in a range of clinics, while still teaching and educating the current generation of veterinarians.