How do you prepare for unexpected surgical challenges?

How do you prepare for unexpected surgical challenges? Improve International Australia

Rob Webster, Director & Veterinary Specialist,

Animal Emergency Service.
BVSc (Hons) FANZCVA (Emergency & Critical Care)

Helping patients live better lives, and achieving higher level skills are two of the most fulfilling things for a veterinarian. Enrolling in the Improve International Small Animal Surgery will guide you to achieving more for yourself and your patients at the same time. 

How do you prepare for unexpected surgical challenges? Referral can be a godsend for particular patients, but what about if you’re working outside the range of specialists, or your patient has that owner who is prepared for you to try and help, but will not go to a referral hospital to see a specialist?

I know the feeling of being out of my depth in surgery. As an emergency veterinarian it’s not uncommon to go to exploratory surgery and find a problem which is both unexpected and challenging to correct. Fortunately, there has often been a more experienced surgeon on call to help with the first liver lobectomy, cholecystectomy, or gastric resection. I’ll never forget the times when there wasn’t someone available for advice…

That fear of the unknown, and the sinking feeling that goes with difficult surgery never goes away completely, but when you’ve prepared and practiced the surgery, and have been taught by people who know how it should be done, it’s much easier to rise to the occasion. Saving these patients can be one of the most fulfilling aspects of a veterinary career. The fear beforehand, and the sense of achievement after successful surgery are proportional. 

The Improve International Small Animal Surgery Program is here to arm you with the knowledge and confidence to take on that challenging surgery. This is not a residency training program, but it is detailed and structured. Specialist tutors take you through the theory and practical components of the surgery to help put you in the right place to tackle the next level procedures, knowing that you are doing the best for the patient in your care. 

The Small Animal Surgery Program is delivered over two years and consists of course work and practical sessions. 2020 is the soft tissue surgery year, and will follow on with orthopaedic surgery training in 2021. Completion of both soft tissue and orthopaedic components meets the pre-requisite requirement of GPCert in Small Animal Surgery.

If you are a veterinarian looking to develop the skills and confidence to take on more challenging surgeries, this course is for you. Numbers are limited and with a start date of March 2020, now is the time to register your interest and give the Improve team a call.

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