Hip & Stifle Workshop for the GP 2021 - Postponed

Hip & Stifle Workshop for the GP

Hip and stifle surgeries represent the most common joint procedures performed in small animal practice. 

Improve International, Specialist Dr Lucas Beierer and Provet VI are teaming up to deliver a highly practical Fast-Track workshop covering Hip & Stifle Surgeries.

This Fast-Track workshop has been specifically developed for vets in clinical practice. If taking on orthopaedic surgeries is the next step in your veterinary career or if you are already performing surgeries and wanting to advance and achieve the best possible surgical outcomes this workshop has been designed for you.

Become familiar with available techniques, improve patient care and build the procedures you are confident and competent in performing in your own clinic. 

The Hip procedures that will be covered include:

  • Ventral & Cranial Dorsal approach to a femoral head ostectomy – including assessment and methods of performing these procedures to improve outcomes
  • Approach and management of capital physeal fractures and dislocations
  • Hip toggle pinning for the management of open internal fixation of hip luxations.


The Stifle procedures will focus on: 

  • Cruciate and patella injuries
  • Evidence review of the different procedures available for cruciate disease
  • Improving outcomes of lateral suture techniques using bone anchors & tunnels
  • Approach to the meniscus

The Patella Surgery will focus on:     

  • Repair of patella luxation
  • Block & wedge trochleoplasty
  • Soft tissue techniques
  • Tibial tuberosity transposition


Finally – Meniscal Surgery:     

  • Standard lateral peripatellar arthrotomy
  • Mini-medial arthrotomy
  • Techniques to improve visibility within the joint & reduce morbidity


Course Highlights

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Hip & Stifle Workshop for the GP

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Hip & Stifle Workshop for the GP Improve International Australia
Dr Lucas Beierer BVSc GradDipEd MACVS MVetSurg DACVS-SA
Hip & Stifle Workshop for the GP Improve International Australia

Dr Lucas Beierer BVSc GradDipEd MACVS MVetSurg DACVS-SA

Dr Lucas Beierer BVSc GradDipEd MACVS MVetSurg DACVS-SA (Specialist) Lucas is a University of Queensland graduate. He completed a series of internships after graduation, including at Queensland Veterinary Specialists and …

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