Diagnosis and treatment in near-drowning cases

animal treatment in near-drowning cases

Drowning is a rare but often fatal condition that most veterinary professionals will encounter at some point in their career. Evidence regarding animal drowning is sparse and much of what we know is extrapolated from human medical literature. Drowning may occur due to fatigue, seizure or accidents while swimming, falling into or being trapped in […]

Vet Nurses & Vet Techs: Here’s how to gain confidence in emergency situations

vet nurse emergency training

Handling emergency cases can be both one of the most demanding and rewarding experiences for a veterinary nurse or technician. As professionals you must continuously update your knowledge and skills to stay current with the latest advancements and nursing best practice in this rapidly evolving field. What makes emergency cases so challenging? As any veterinary […]

Finding the right Emergency Program for you

emergency program

Want to Improve your Emergency Skills? Here’s where to start! As a veterinarian, critically ill and emergency patients are amongst the most challenging to work with. Having the skill and confidence to treat these cases effectively is a must! But with so many education options and courses out there, it can be hard to know […]

Fundamentals of shock and intravenous fluid therapy in dogs and cats

What is shock and how does it affect critical veterinary patients? Circulatory shock occurs when oxygen delivery to the tissues is compromised, and the circulatory system fails to deliver enough blood to the tissues to meet tissue oxygen demand. Shock plays a key role in fatal critical illnesses because circulatory failure is part of the […]

Education in the Time of COVID19 – a Perspective from Improve International Australia.

This year has seen a seismic shift in the world, as a result of the global impacts of COVID19. The post-graduate veterinary education sector has been no exception to this. The changes and challenges, whilst uncomfortable, are providing exciting transitions and solutions and leading to more flexible and interactive education options.   At Improve International, the […]

5-step plan to become a great ultrasonographer

Brooke Sheehan, Managing Director, Improve Australia I sat down with Improve International’s resident ultrasound expert, Dr Sue Ramoo BVSc (hons) MANZCVS (internal medicine), to find out and to create an action plan for becoming a great ultrasonographer… What are the most common beginner mistakes? What does it take to become a great small animal ultrasonographer? […]

How do you prepare for unexpected surgical challenges?

Rob Webster, Director & Veterinary Specialist, Animal Emergency Service.BVSc (Hons) FANZCVA (Emergency & Critical Care) Helping patients live better lives, and achieving higher level skills are two of the most fulfilling things for a veterinarian. Enrolling in the Improve International Small Animal Surgery will guide you to achieving more for yourself and your patients at […]